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Frequently Asked Questions


What geographical areas are covered in your delivery network?

We cover Ireland, the UK and the EU.


Can you provide Dangerous Goods Notes to accompany all goods?

Yes, we have a vehicle certified to standard.


What type of courses are available?

Chemical Awareness Training gives operators the knowledge required in the safe movement of packages including IBCs in a transport environment.


How long does it take to complete the course?

Depending on the individuals taking this course the time taken should vary between one to two hours.


How long is the Chemical Awareness Certificate valid for?

Due to regular changes in the rules of operations it is recommended the course is taken every two years.


Can you provide documentation for Dangerous Goods?

We can provide Dangerous Goods Notes to accompany all goods.


What are the delivery timescales for the P.P.E?

We can deliver across Ireland within 48 hours.


What is covered in this awareness course?

Classes of Dangerous Goods and their Dangers, Packaging, Documentation, Obligations of Participants & Emergency Procedures.


Is there an examination?

On completion of the course a questionnaire type examination must be completed on a multiple-choice basis. The participant must achieve 80% to pass. They will then receive a certificate.